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Our Story

Our Story


Located in the heart of old Aylmer, this 1855 heritage building has been transformed into a new generation Pub & Grill. On the main floor, you will be greeted by a large lounge bar, a small private room, a large salon where meals can be appreciated while sipping on a drink and listening to your favorite sports on television. This charming building also has one of Aylmer’s most beautiful outdoor patios.

On the upper level, where you will find the same menu, come and enjoy a convivial gathering with friends, family or co-workers. The Chefs and Owners Daniel (Chef and Owner of the Bistro Ambrosia and previously Chef of the famous 1908 restaurant), Stéphane (Governmental Institutes Chef and Cook at the Agarique and 1908 restaurants) as well as Stéphane Quintal and Mélanie L’Écuyer will propose a wide variety of mouthwatering meals such as fine hamburgers, tartar, steaks and so much more.

We also offer a great choice of Labatt’s beers as well as an excellent selection of microbrewery products. Let us also recommend a wide selection of international wines from the Société des alcools du Québec, private imports as well as a choice of wines from our beautiful region. You may select what best suits you so that it make a perfect meal to enjoy!

Join us and enjoy a laidback ambiance which will make your visits pleasant moments to remember!!!